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  • I have been under Dr Boon Lim since 2012. I have undergone surgery for an AF condition. I felt totally confident in his diagnosis and the surgery that followed. My condition has been followed up and managed by Dr Boon Lim and his team. I have been filled with confidence after my recent consultation which included both practical suggestions and medication to further manage my condition. I was listened to and all my questions have been answered and fully explained. I would certainly recommend Dr Boon Lim who is extremely knowledgeable in the field of arrhythmia conditions.
    Patient West Middlesex University Hospital
  • Dr. Lim gives the patient great confidence that he is getting the right advice and treatment which is delivered with the highest professional standards. You know you are in the hands of a very skilled and highly qualified physician who is at the forefront of scientific development in his field.
    Patient Hammersmith Hospital
  • I am submitting this review based upon a recent visit with my daughter to Dr. Lim's consultancy room in Harley Street. We had traveled to London from Bristol in difficult circumstances (torrential rain and late coaches/tube delays) and finally arrived 35 mins late for our appointment.We were feeling very anxious as we thought we might have a missed an extremely important opportunity to finally seek answers regarding my daughters long standing condition which had been effecting her for many years. Previous GP appointments in our locality had proving to be mainly fruitless and had not reoncognised or addressed underlying issues that had been causing increasing concern and frustration. Our anxieties were immediately put to rest by a very caring and understanding reception from the staff. Our appointment was unaffected and soon we were shown to Dr. Lim's consultation room. During the next 35 mins or so we were giving a highly professional and reassuring diagnosis form a highly qualified knowledgeable doctor who explained everything in a way that gave full confidence and understanding of the condition and the measures that could be taken to begin treatment and lifestyle changes. As a parent I felt totally reassured and relaxed in the knowledge that finally we were getting answers to my daughters many concerns. I want to thank Dr. Lim for his patience and understanding and especially his high specialist knowledge and yet simplistic way of providing explanations and answers.My daughter is feeling far more positive thanks to his level of expertise and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending or seeing him again in the future.
    Carer 66 Harley Street Investigations
  • I had been waiting a life time with no real answers and I had unfortunately seen doctors that didn't have the knowledge or care, until I saw Dr Boon Lim and got listened to, understood and got the answers to everything I had been waiting for. Now it all makes sense. Now thanks to him, I have got to the bottom of this with a diagnosis which makes so much sense and I can finally get the right help/treatment to manage it! Dr Boon Lim is who every doctor should be. Excellent care and service.
    Patient London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • A thoughtful, considered, unhurried and engaged consultation was really appreciated and left me feeling very reassured.
    Patient West Middlesex University Hospital
  • Dr Boon Lim is a fantastic, caring doctor. He takes the time to listen to your problems and helps to explain things in simple/layman terms. He conducts himself in an ethical and professional manner, and tries hard to ease patients concerns. He also has a very friendly disposition and a good sense of humour, which makes you feel comfortable and at ease in his presence. I would definitely recommend him!
    Carer Hammersmith Hospital
  • Dr Lim communicated excellently, explaining test results and how they related to my physiology in an understandable and relatable manner. Despite a busy schedule, he never rushed through what could have been a standard consultation and made certain that any questions or concerns I may have had were expressed & addressed. He was thorough and careful, as well as practical, giving me confidence in his conclusions and decisions.
    Patient London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I had a Cardilogy appointment this morning and was so pleased that I had Dr Lim to take care of me as a Consultant Cardiologist.. Dr Lim not just assured me with my condition but also listened to my concerns regarding how I felt and never rushed me ....I just wished I had more time with him but, as usual nowadays, our specialists are under such pressure always. Please pass this on to this Fantastic Man Dr Lim : Thank you so much for explaining me more than just treatment and for guiding me into how and when to switch off these nasty unpleasant thiughts which I have 24/7... Thank you again...we need more professionals like you... With much appreciation...
    Patient West Middlesex University Hospital
  • Dr. Lim performed two ablations on me, one for a flutter and the second for AF. Both procedures were successful. I am very happy that since my last ablation one year ago, I am free of symptoms. Dr. Lim is an excellent doctor, with a very positive, honest and caring manner. I am very grateful to him.
    Patient Hammersmith Hospital
  • I have had persistent Atrial Fibrillation for many years, despite several cardioversions and two ablation procedures. It just would not go away. Doctor Boon Lim arranged for me to have a surgical ablation at Hammersmith Hospital and, almost a year on, my heart remains in sinus rhythm. Not only that, but he rejected the calls by other doctors after my surgery to fit a pacemaker, arguing that they had to wait and see if the operation worked. I am truly grateful. He is a fine doctor.
    Patient Hammersmith Hospital
  • Since 1985, I had a cardiology problem with my heart palpitation. I have had seen so many cardiology`s doctors. None of them managed to identify the problem. In 2011 my GP referred me to Dr. Lim. In the beginning I thought he would be like the previous doctors, but very soon I realised I was wrong. He was the only doctors who really listen to me and my heart problem. He fully investigated the issue of the palpitation. I find him is an exception, delegate and caring doctor. Yesterday, 25/10/2017, I saw him again, and got the same service as 2011. I do trust him and I would highly recommend him. HE IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY EXCELLENT DOCTOR.
    Patient Hammersmith Hospital
  • Wow! In the today's world when the most of the doctors are pushing drugs on us Dr Lim highly impressed me. He took his time to diagnose me with Vasovagal Syncope, he was efficient and the most importantly he was positive and optimistic from the minute I met him. I am going to try everything he suggested before I even think about taking a pill. His approach is very modern, fresh and caring. I felt listened and well looked after. He took his time to explain everything clearly to me. Dr Lim has great manners, he is super smart and down to earth. He made me feel comfortable and healthy! I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr Lim! I also would like to thank his lovely secretary Debbie for being very helpful and kind.
    Patient Hammersmith Hospital
  • Dr Phang Boon Lim gave me great confidence in his diagnosis of my condition, without any dithering. He explained the procedure of having a pacemaker, and put me at ease that it would be very straight forward, reassuring me that everything is going to be fine. He is the type of specialist who makes one feel that one is in good hands. I have 100% trust in this doctor. I am very grateful that he managed to fit me in at short notice. He has a very pleasant, down to earth approach, making one feel relaxed.
    Patient West Middlesex University Hospital
  • Dr Lim has been excellent. He has been attentive, personable and seems to genuinely care about his patients. I have a very difficult condition and he is giving me a lot of hope for my future.
    Patient Hammersmith Hospital
  • I traveled over 4 hours to see Dr Lim, I have POTS and have seen numerous cardiologists. Dr Lim took his time with me, there was never any rush. The biggest thing I took from the appointment is how much I learnt, anyone who has POTS I would definitely recommend Dr Lim.
    Kurtis Balding London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I’m very fortunate to have been referred to him. So kind, patient and understanding. Also the staff working with him at the hospital speak highly of him
    Sue Lewis London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Excellent service. Clear communication, looked to get to the bottom of the issue and ensured I had all the tests done to reach a correct diagnosis.
    Joe Fraser London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I can only agree with all the positive reviews given to Dr Boon Lim. I would personally recommend him to anyone looking for his area of expertise.
    Craig Doel London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • On a very high recommendation we took our 15 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with POTS to see Dr Boon Lim. From the minute we walked into the room he made us all feel totally at ease and explained what was wrong in a way we could all understand. His friendly and knowledgeable manner was wonderful and we would highly recommend this amazing Dr to all. Throughout the consultation he listened to Nicole and answered all our questions and not once did we feel pressured by time and felt that our daughter was in the best hands. Dr Boon Lim we are sure that with your advice Nicole will start getting back on the road to recovery and we can’t thank you enough for that.
    Helen Silver London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • A phenomenally kind and patient doctor. Dr Boon goes out of his way to ensure that his patients are well taken care of, both physically and emotionally - talking you through each step of his processes, results and after care. So lucky to have found him and couldn’t recommend him any higher
    Dana Aboul-Jabine London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Boon Lim has been of great help to me: he really took the time to listen to me, conducted thorough examinations and explained in great details what the results meant as well as their consequences.
    Bruno Becha London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I've been treated for a SVT affection 7 months ago. Previously, my cardiologist directed me through Dr. Boon Lim which offered me a few times this treatment option(ablation) which after my SVT episodes started getting more and more frequent I finally accepted. The intervention lasted 2h and a half and I have to admit that during the procedure I always felt like everything is under control and Dr Lim and his team are really confident with what are they doing. I've recently got an appointment with him and he assured me one more time that everything is going well. I have to mention that I feel good and I haven't had any other episodes by now which is not keeping me away from living a normal life. Many thanks also to all of his team members.
    Iulia London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I am a Doctor myself, but this this great doctor is one of the most thorough kind and clever I ever had the opportunity to meet as a complex patient. He combines science and explanation with a holistic and practical approach to medicine, remembering gratitude as one of the best medicines available. I never felt rushed, never felt a bother and always felt reassured and in safe hands. He is genuinely a wonderful man.
    Helen Bickerstaff London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Great meeting Dr. Lim. Very straight talking and good at identifying what needed to be done given my bradycardia.
    Nixon Dhushantha London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I visited Dr. Lim last Friday to help diagnose my uncle’s heart problem. Dr. Lim is the smartest person I’ve ever seen, yet just like others’ feedback he’s super approachable. He could remember the patient’s medical profile so quickly even though the materials I provided were a mixture of English and Chinese and 15-page long. His predictions on my uncle’s kidney problem, AF, and sleeping disorder have all been proven to be correct today when my uncle took another round of medical tests. His prescription and other medical solutions are all proven to be better than what my uncle was on previously. Dr. Lim is definitely the best cardiologist you can ever find.
    Jack Yuan London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • At the end of so many different consultations with various individuals in our local hospital, it was so refreshing and enlightening to see somebody who was a true expert in syncope/blackouts. I had seen videos of Dr Lim on line before the consult, but in real life, he has an amazing ability to connect and get down to the bottom of things that appeared confusing to me and other doctors for so many years. Thank you once again for helping me with my problems. I can say that I truly feel much more confident to manage my symptoms, and although not gone completely, I am now aware of why they occur and can take the necessary actions to minimize the impact of blackouts in my life. Dr Lim is truly and amazing doctor with a bedside manner which many others should learn from. Thank you!
    Karen C London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • It was an absolute pleasure to see Dr Lim on 3 occasions to discuss my mother’s problems with racing heart beat due to Atrial Fibrillation. From the first time he invited us into his room, Dr Lim was warm and welcoming, and took his time to explain things in an unhurried manner – he has a remarkable skill which is drawing a nice illustration of the heart and writing upside down! On the second occasion, he took time on the morning of the ablation procedure to describe what he was going to do to help “cure” my mother’s Atrial Fibrillation! And he did! Its now 3 months since the ablation, and no further symptoms in my happy mother. Fingers crossed it will stay that way but we have every confidence that Dr Lim will be able to sort us out in the future (hopefully he wont have to!). Thank you so much Dr Lim for your manner, skill and expertise in looking after my mother.
    D. Ip London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • This man is living prodigy and yet so approachable. Dr Lim had a very human approach to the way he examined and explained my health issues. I felt confident and at great ease around him. He has a wealth of knowledge and is clearly passionate about the work he does.I can't thank him enough!
    Shamil Morjaria London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • This doctor is wonderful. I had been to many many consultants and doctors without getting properly diagnosed but when I went to his clinic in the Hammersmith Hospital he diagnosed what was wrong with me immediately, explained the illness, gave me a prescription and I have been remarkably well ever since. He also has an amazing sense of humour, total empathy and dreadful handwriting. He changed my life.
    Polly Devlin London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Excellent service from an excellent doctor who really took his time to make sure I was well-informed and at ease.
    Nikita Unadkat London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I just had an appointment with Dr Lim and I have to say he was the best Doctor I have seen. I have Pots Syndrome and have seen many doctors over the years but they have never been so thorough, so helpful and so caring than this Doctor. Thank you so much for helping me fully understand my condition, for arranging further tests and for giving some excellent advice and encouragement. I attended today 04/10 (Rachael Buckle). Thank you again.
    Louise Spencer London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Lim is a truly fantastic consultant and doctor with an amazingly extensive knowledge of his field and a manner that soothes and reassures. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.
    Adam Whittaker London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Lim shows extensive knowledge in his field of practice, with patient skills second to none. He actually takes the time to listen to you and explain in clear terms the best way forward for your treatment. He is a very down to earth person who has a lovely energy and a positive attitude to do his upmost to help. Would highly recommend Dr Lim 5x+
    Tony Woodison London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • My experience with Dr Lim was absolutely great. Apart from being knowledgeable and specialized, Dr Lim is also very hospitable and friendly. He listens to any concerns and offers his expert advice on options. Highly recommended.
    Sanna Ivelja London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • We came all the way from Saudi Arabia to meet him, he is a very good Doctor with a great team, if you had vasovagal and you don't know when or where your having it definitely visit them and they will answer all your questions. Thank you Dr Boon Lim finally im back to my normal life .
    Haifa Al-Hababi London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Excellent Doctor 100% recommended he explain everything very clear
    Rafael D'Ascoli London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Boon Lim is a wonderful cardiologist. He is kind, friendly, listens very carefully to your complaints, and is absolutely dedicated to find the cause to your problems. I can warmly and without reservations recommend him to anyone with a need for a very good cardiologist!
    Jo Hansson London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • He is the best Doctor out there , it’s been 3 years today. I was brought to the ER and I was diagnosed with Wolf parkinson white . Dr Boom came out of his way to operate on me and I was blessed to have him as my surgeon the level of reassurance that he has given to me (after the operation) is unbelievable he is such a human being a caring surgeon and it was an honor to be one of his patients. I can never thank you enough you saved my life . Nazly Habib
    Nazly Habib London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I have just had an appointment and I have had a very positive experience. Dr Lim was thorough and courteous at the same time as being to the point. I would happily recommend him.
    Hristina Georgieva London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I felt Dr Lim was very thorough, kind and patient. I appreciated him taking the time to fully explain what tests he proposed, the results from the tests and the plan of action going forward. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend going to see him.
    K Cam London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • A very thorough doctor, he listened and gave me options of treatment. I will recommend him. Excellent service.
    Ola Amode London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Lim was very professional and clear about a potential plan right from the first consultation. He proposed thorough tests and took the time to fully explain what the tests were for. He was also very clear in giving the results of the tests and in making plan of action. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
    David Watson London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I recently visited Dr Boon Lim after having a Vasovagal Syncope, he was truly excellent and lived up to the very high expectation I had having seen all his recommendations and qualifications online. Dr Boon Lim was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, reassuring and clear in his diagnosis. I would highly recommend him.
    Jessica Barnes London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Lim is an excellent doctor and I would recommend him highly.
    Sophie Newton London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Lim does listen to their patients and discuss issues with you with patience. He can explain the issues clearly, there is no "maybe" or "perhaps" in his wording, he will explain to you exactly what happened you and why. Highly recommend Dr Lim.
    Elizabeth LIU London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Very good doctor and professional with excellent knowledge helped my mum and performed a procedure with a positive outcome. Happy and grateful fully recommend this Doctor
    Aleks M London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I recently saw Dr Lim and it went very well. He was very kind and spent time explaining everything to me. He had expert knowledge that I hadn't found elsewhere.
    James Norris London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Boon Lim is a very excellent Cardiology specialist. I went to him because of of specialisms, and the positive feedback I'd seen. We have now started the investigation process, and I feel that I am in very safe hands and that he is a very skilled and highly professional expert in the field.
    Eddie M London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Dr Boon Lim has a great bedside manner--friendly, empathetic, and caring. He takes his time during the evaluation. He makes sure he has a thorough understanding of your medical history and your concerns. He is not hasty with his conclusions, but bases findings on his knowledge, experiences, and more importantly, his research in the field. I would happily recommend Dr Boon Lim to anyone.
    Sharron Mangum London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • I did a lot of research to find the right doctor and I’m very glad I did. Over the course of 4 weeks I had visited my GP and A&E on multiple occasions. Each time nobody knew what was wrong and each time this became more frustrating and worrying for me. I booked a consultation with Dr Lim and during this initial consultation, he listened to everything I had to say and read every piece of paper I brought with me (ECGs, paramedic notes, my journal of symptoms). I didn’t feel under any pressure for time. He then explained each of the diagnostic tests which he planned to do. I explained that I had a family holiday coming up and that I was worried I was going to have to miss it, seeing as I had made zero progress in a diagnosis so far. Dr Lim understood how important the holiday was to me and assured me that we would get to the bottom of this before I was due to travel. I completed each of the tests (with the help of a fantastic nurse at Bupa Cromwell called Lorna). In my follow up appointment, Dr Lim told me he knew exactly what the issue was, which was a huge relief to me. He explained Vasovagal Syncope, and how it can be managed. I was then able to travel on my family holiday and have improved considerably since. I found a lot of his online material extremely helpful too, such as the stopfainting website and the YouTube video where he spoke to Skysports about a football player (Bafétimbi Gomis) who experienced Syncope episodes during matches. In summary, Dr Lim is without a doubt the best doctor I have ever seen, and he’s helped me to get my life back on track. He is an expert in his field and a true professional. I am very grateful to him and will take everything he said to me on board
    James H London Cardiovascular Clinic
  • Such a lovely, professional, thorough guy.
    Kathryn Timlin London Cardiovascular Clinic
Reviews Dr. Boon Lim

Daniel K 
Dr Lim listened to my concerns and explained my condition in great detail. He suggested the way forward and was reassuring.

Reviews Dr. Boon Lim

Daniel K 
Dr Lim listened to my concerns and explained my condition in great detail. He suggested the way forward and was reassuring.

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