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How To Manage Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

In this video, Dr Lim speaks with Dr Melanie Dani, co-creator of the website, a free-to-use resource to help patients better understand how to manage symptoms of low blood pressure.


Dr Lim speaks about how to measure blood pressure and the relationship between lifestyle and stress and blood pressure, and some of the side effects of high blood pressure.

He explains the importance of validated blood pressure monitors, which are typically upper arm cuff, appropriately sized for your upper arm, and which can be bought from most health shops or online.

He explains that the website: can be used to check your BP monitor make and model– so you can check out if the BP machine you are about the purchase is validated and recognised.

He also explains how and when to measure blood pressure, explaining the importance of seating calmly, and taking 3 measurements, and discarding the first measurement, taking the average of the next 2 readings, if allow you to get the most accurate BP measurement.

He also describes the frequency of BP monitoring, which really depends on what your blood pressure is.

Whitecoat hypertension, where the blood pressure is seen to be elevated during a clinic visit, is also discussed, and Dr Lim explains why in some patients, the “white coat” hypertension may be the norm in some patients who are constantly bombarded by day-to-day stresses – in which case, it should be taken very seriously.

Dr Lim expands on blood pressure problems in his book, “Keeping Your Heart Healthy” published by penguin, available to purchase on the link below.

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