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Does atrial fibrillation go away?

There are two major forms of AF.

Atrial fibrillation doesn’t have to remain persistent, and the decision to treat AF with either drugs, cardioversion or ablation will need to be discussed with your doctor in order to decide on the best management strategy to help with your AF symptoms.

One reasonable management strategy, however, particularly if you don’t appear to have any symptoms whilst in AF, maybe to leave you in a state of AF permanently. In this case, your doctors will explain why this may make sense for you and what drugs you may need to take life-long to maintain a decent heart rate profile throughout.

Dr Boon Lim (Afib Specialist London) will be able to provide a throughout assessment through state-of-the-art diagnostic tests, including sleep apnoea screening, and provide a comprehensive treatment plan for atrial fibrillation, including catheter ablation. Contact Atrial Fibrillation specialists the UK now to arrange an appointment.
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