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Autonomic Dysfunction in Long Covid


In the wake of Covid, a significant proportion of patients have developed a range of varied and debilitating symptoms, termed long covid, or long haul covid.

Dr Lim, who leads the Imperial Syncope service, has been able to review the tilts of many patients who have presented with long covid, and these tilt data typically demonstrate autonomic dysfunction responses to covid.

Some of the most common symptoms of long covid include:

1. Fatigue
2. Palpitations
3. Shortness of breath
4. Dizziness
5. Chest pain
6. Stomach upset/regurgitation/change in bowel habits
7. Insomnia/ sleep difficulty
8. Brain fog or difficulty in concentration

Self-education is the first step, and reading the free-downloadable leaflet below may help give you an initial strategy for improving symptoms:

Click Here To Download

Dr Lim also runs the charitable website,, which provides freely-available resources for information. Some of the videos on the website may be worth watching, particularly, prior to your appointment with any doctor in long covid clinics.

1. Long Covid Resources
2. Free link to the academic Clinical Article published by Dr Lim’s Imperial Syncope Group

Youtube video links where Dr Lim discussed autonomic dysfunction in long covid:

1. Dr Boon Lim discusses autonomic dysfunction in long covid with Suzy Bolt, and Dr Melanie Danie
2. Dr Boon Lim and Suzy Bolt, talks through one of his patient’s remarkable journey of recovery from long Covid
3. Dr Boon Lim discusses symptoms, diagnosis, and management of Long Covid with one of his patients, Natalie Klinger

Dr Lim hopes that this initial information will help you to better understand your long covid symptoms and guide you towards recovery. In a majority of cases, the simple conservative advice outlined above in these videos and the information leaflet above will go a long way in helping you in your recovery journey. However, if you still have symptoms despite adhering to the advice above, and would like to discuss other treatment or diagnostic options, including arranging tilt table testing, and starting medications, then it may be useful to arrange an appointment with Dr Lim or one of his team members who are familiar with long covid symptoms and management. Contact us on:

Tel: 0208 187 9888

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